How Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer In Trenton May Help You Win Your Claim Choosing A Lawyer

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If you’re considering to file a personal injury lawsuit, choosing a lawyer is the first and foremost thing you’ll have to do. It is important to choose an injury lawyer in Trenton right after getting injured and the sooner you choose a lawyer, the stronger your case will be. You may certainly choose to settle a small claim by yourself, but you are absolutely going to require the help of a personal injury lawyer in Trenton for any such personal injury claim where you have suffered significant injuries and loss. In simpler terms, if you have been out of your job for more than just a few days, or if you have broken one or more bones, or in case the total of your medical bill amounts to more than a few thousand dollars, you should probably hire an injury lawyer in Trenton.

Lawyer Investigates Claim and Reviews Medical Records

Once you have hired a personal injury lawyer in Trenton, the first thing the lawyer must do is to interview you thoroughly about the accident so as to get a clearer view of what he or she may be dealing with.In order to do so he or she may ask you about how the accident happened, your medical and financial background and condition along with the cost of your medical treatment. There should absolutely not be last minute surprises so make sure that your injury lawyer in Trenton knows everything these is to know about the accident, your injury and medical treatment.

Once all of your medical records have been acquired by your lawyer, he will run a thorough verification of the records to see, if a prospective claim can be filed or not.

Lawyer Considers Making Demand and Negotiating

Plenty of smaller personal injury cases, very often, get settled even before a claim is ever filed.In case your lawyer thinks that the claim has the potential to get settled without litigation, he or she will make a demand for compensation to the defendant’s lawyer or insurance company.

If your claim cannot be settled without litigation, your personal injury lawyer in Trenton must file a lawsuit. Generally, in case your claim happens to involve a claim of persistent injury or lasting impairment, a good attorney won’t settle the case without filing a lawsuit.

The Lawsuit is Filed

Once the lawsuit is filed, the legal clock starts ticking as to when the case may get to trial. Although each state has different per-trial procedures, generally speaking, it may take one or two years before your personal injury claim goes to trial. One thing that you must keep in time is that a lawsuit can only be filed within a stern time limit known as statute of limitations.

Mediation and Negotiation

In some cases, personal injury lawyers may settle the case just by talking among themselves without going to trial but more often than not, in other cases, they may even go through a process called mediation. Mediation is just another process in which both the plaintiff and the defendant along with their respective lawyers go to a mediator to try and settle the claim.


In most personal injury cases, mediation does the job, but in case, it doesn’t work out, the case gets scheduled for a trial in front of a jury. Visit Here: AB Personal Injury Lawyer

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