Does It Take Time For An Injury Lawyer In Chatham To Settle A Case?

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When you hire an Injury Lawyer in Chatham to claim for the damages caused to you by some other person you must know one thing for sure, success will not come overnight. It takes time for the attorney to settle the case and the quantum of time will depend a lot on the quality and amount of evidence gathered and the type of injury and the time taken for recovery, the strength in the case and also in the proficiency of the attorney on the whole. It will also depend on what you want, how string the defense case is and the attitude of the insurance adjuster as well.

No Time For Complacency

Once you hire an Injury Lawyer in Chatham there is no time for complacency for both you as well as the attorney. A lot of job has to be done by both of you so that you can strengthen the case even more with better evidence and substantial and documented proof. It is the weight age of the evidence that is paramount for the success of a case. Moreover, if you are complacent and leave everything for the lawyer to do, chances are that the cares will progress at a snail’s pace. Therefore, you should work along with the lawyer and always stay in the loop.

The Decision Matters

During settlement, the success arte depends on how you respond to the offer made by the insurance adjuster. If you refuse to accept the offer made then further negotiations will be carried out which will linger the process. Moreover, if you decide to take the case to the court for trial, then even after the best effort put in by the most efficient Injury Lawyer in Chatham, the time taken to arrive at a desired verdict will be even more. A lot of time will be spent in selecting the judge, the panel of jury, gathering witness statements and evidence and much more.

Factors of Time

There are several factors that will alter the time taken for an Injury Lawyer in Chatham to close a case successfully. The choice and preference of the judge and jury and the performance of the defense lawyer will also affect the time. The most significant factor is the Maximum Medical Improvement or MMI and most lawyers wait until the time it is attained optimally. This is done to make sure that no further treatment is necessary for recovery which will make sure that there will be no further increase in the medical expenses and its claim. Time to attain MMI depends on the type of injury and can go up to couple of years as well.

Investigations And Discovery Process

There are several investigations, tests and reports to be collected for strengthening a personal injury case and all of these require sufficient time for preparation. It will also depend on the time taken to send the demand letter and receiving the reply of it, how long the wait time is which can go up to ninety days, and also the discovery process which can even go up to twelve months. For more information visit here: AB Personal Injury Lawyer


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